Good to the Bone
Good to the Bone NYC

Puppy Kindergarten Class



We love them despite all the frustration, exhaustion, interrupted sleep, chewed up treasures and other messes. Good thing they’re so darned cute!


Puppy Kindergarten Class

We cover:

✔ House training

✔ Off-leash playtime for vital socialization

✔ Crate training

✔ Nipping: your clothing, skin, furniture, shoes

✔ Basic cues: sit, down, stay, come, leave it, drop it, and more

✔ Handling exercises and bite inhibition

Price: $350 for the 6-week course.

We meet for one hour each week. 

Class Location and Time

We hold classes in various locations in Astoria and Long Island City, Queens. 


See all available class dates.

We completed Puppy Kindergarten with Wendy. The class was great, and it provided us with great tools to continue working with our puppy, especially “chill out”. As soon as our puppy turns 6 months old, we will be back attending Wendy’s Basic Obedience class.
— Kathy C.
We just completed surviving puppyhood with our little Frenchie, Queso, and it was truly a great experience. Wendy seriously has a gift with dogs of all types, even the notoriously stubborn Frenchies. She was a great teacher and a resource, always took the time to write detailed responses when we needed advice. Would love to take classes with her again. Thank you Wendy!
— Amber M.