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proven techniques that make training a treat. since 2007.

Face it— furry friends are family.

They provide emotional support, make us laugh and show more loyalty than you’ll get from most humans! Unfortunately, not everyday is a walk in the dog park. Undesirable behavior can be frustrating and stressful, even dangerous at times. But don’t fret! Training can be a fun experience for all involved.

Since 2007, Wendy DeSarno has successfully built better relationships between New York City dogs and their human companions. Through scientifically-proven reward-based training techniques, she offers empathy, support and effective solutions that build trust and respect without intimidation.


In the News

huffington post: astoria characters article

"'I love feeling the connection with the dogs,' she says. 'I love the communication across species lines. I end up not only treating the dogs but also the owners. When the owners get the connection and get that ‘aha’ moment, that’s what I find rewarding.'"

DNAINFO.Com Puppy Kindergarten article

"A dog training class has become a therapy group for stressed-out puppy owners. Wendy DeSarno's Puppy Kindergarten training class doesn't just teach pooches how to behave — it gives support sessions for their bewildered owners. 'It's kind of a puppy support group for the owners,' said DeSarno, a Queens resident and certified dog trainer.


We can not recommend Wendy and Good to the Bone training enough! We have done both private and group lessons and our pup learns so much in just a few shorts hours. Wendy’s strategies and lessons make obedience training easy and we highly recommend.
— Jane P.