Good to the Bone
Good to the Bone NYC

Good Manners + Basic Obedience Class


adolescent + adult dogs


Does your dog need to learn how to be more polite? If you recently adopted a dog or have skimped on training until now, this class is for you. You can teach an older dogs new tricks!


good manners + basic obedience

We cover: 

✔ Basic Manners cues such as sit, down, stay, and come

✔ Impulse control to teach dogs to make better choices, such as leave it, drop it and loose-leash walking

✔ Strategies to deal with unwanted jumping, barking and street snacking

✔ Enjoy a dog who is sidewalk cafe ready

Price: $350 for the 6-week course.

We meet for one hour each week. 

Class Location and Time

We hold classes in various locations in Astoria and Long Island City, Queens. 


See all available class dates.

Wendy is THE BEST!! We took her group session and 6 weeks later we went from having a crazy pup to the moved behaved pup! She is super knowledgeable and is always happy to answer any/all questions, and all of the pups just love her (&her treat pouch lol)! I’ve taken puppy training classes before at Petsmart and they are not even comparable - yes you will learn sit and down at Petsmart but what Wendy teaches and how/when she teaches it is so much more beneficial to growing pups. Will definitely be back for another session, can’t wait!
— -Ashley S.